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Easy Peasy Curb Appeal

"You never have a second chance to make a first impression"

Most homeowners know that curl appeal is one of the most important items to address when prepping their house for the market. Depending on the condition of the home and level of continued maintenance, the list of "to-do"s can be large or small. Here is a list of my go-to tasks that won't break the bank but have a BIG impact.

Paint- don't have the budget to paint the entire house? That's okay. Just focus on the front (or any part of the house most noticeable from the street). I also suggest painting the gutters and fascia which tend to show signs of fading more rapidly than the house as a whole. I once advised my clients to paint only the front section of their home in the existing color and re-paint the gutters white. It made a huge difference and it was MUCH cheaper than painting the entire house.

Trim the shrubs and add mulch- don't spend a bunch of money to re-landscape the entire yard. A good "clean -up" and fresh layer of mulch will do. Re-define the borders between grass and garden beds. Add some soil and grass seed to any "bald spots" in the lawn.

Remove Clutter (Trash bins, lawn ornaments)- Less is always more when prepping a home to go on the market. I love cheeky gnome lawn ornaments just as much as the next person but pairing them down to just one or two give the yard a cleaner more maintained feel. Sore your trash bins on the side of the house or in the garage. They will stand out like sore thumbs in photos.

New exterior lights/ numbers - Give your home a modern touch and add some "bling" while you are at it. This is an EASY update and only costs a few bucks! Change out the worn brassy porch light for something with a satin nickel finish. While the Realtor is opening the lock-box, the buyers will notice the extra little touch you made to welcome them into their new home. Same goes for address numbers. The tend now is larger modern numbers. I'm totally in love with these ones on Esty. Click here!

Power Wash the driveway- Another super easy (and free if you have a power washer) item with big impact. My landscaper told me about this one. I was skeptical but after he took the power washer to our drive way and retaining wall that lines our front yard, I couldn't believe the difference. Take just 30 minutes to wash away all the layers of oil, dirt and grind and add to your homes sparkling curb appeal.

Clean windows & screens- Have the windows cleaned or do it yourself, but don’t put your home on the market without sparkling windows, inside and out. Not only does it spruce up the exterior but also lets more light into your home.

Remove the screen door & paint front door- A bright note of contrasting color can bring a home’s front door to life. The trick is to choose colors that complement your home’s exterior landscaping and colors. A RED front door is always a winner but current tends have leaned towards brighter colors such as blue, green & yellow.

For a full comprehensive list of items to enhance curb appeal, check out this article.

Questions on what you need to do to get your home ready to sell?? I'm only a call/text or email away. Reach me fastest at



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