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Making sure your home is "showroom" ready is extremely important in today’s market for creating a profitable, quick sale. Potential buyers can be easily deterred by small things, and we certainly don't want you to miss out on any buyer opportunities. Also, if you are selling in order to buy another home, we can advise on several strategies in this very competitive market.  

Need some "home prep" or sell-then-buy advice?

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Pricing is arguably the single most important item to address when putting your home up for sale. Put simply, the market will not support an over-priced home and if it sits too long on the market, buyers can doubt its value and get cold feet. Your best strategy for getting the most money in the least amount of time is to price your home competitively from the start.

Not sure what your home is worth?

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Once you've accepted an offer on your property, we'll have several milestones to pass before you're able to hand the home over. The buyer will likely perform a professional home inspection which often leads to repair negotiations. It's our job to make sure you're well represented throughout the transaction's negotiations, not just during the initial offer period.

Interested in learning common repair requests or knowing which repairs you should be prepared to consider as a seller?

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