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Assuming you'll be funding your home purchase, you'll need to contact a mortgage broker to discuss your finances, your monthly affordability rate and to attain your pre-approval letter. In today's competitive market, it's important to assure you've taken all the right steps before beginning your home search so you're ready when the time to write an offer comes.

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It’s been a seller’s market for many years. We can help you be competitive -  and there’s more to it than offering the highest price! It’s also important that we find you the house you will love, taking into consideration your maximum budget, the house, and the neighborhood. We want to ensure you're comfortable with each section of your offer so we take the time to walk you through every step.

Want to know more about what goes into writing a winning offer?

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Getting your offer accepted is an exciting moment, but there are still many steps ahead  before receiving the keys to your new home. We'll need to tackle several obstacles and contingencies throughout our closing period, including a professional home inspection, repair negotiations and a home appraisal. Making sure you're educated, and that we make these next steps run smoothly for is our job.

Curious about the full home buying checklist?

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New to home buying?

Or need a refresher in selling or buying a home?

This free recorded class walks you through everything from the state of the 2021 real estate market, to what to look for on a home inspection report, to hearing us answer FAQs for both buyers and sellers. After watching this class, you will be an educated, home-buying machine.


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