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What I love about Sexton Mountain Neighborhood

I live with my family in the Sexton Mountain neighborhood and I want to share with you what makes this area special. Perhaps you are thinking about where you could live next. As a realtor, I have learned that we certainly have many good neighborhoods to choose from across the Portland, OR area! Sexton Mountain has been our family’s choice.

Where is Sexton Mountain?

Sexton Mountain neighborhood is just west of Murray Blvd. and south of Hart Rd. in Beaverton Oregon. To the west is the Copper Mountain neighborhood and the east is the Murray Hills neighborhood. Our neighborhood boundaries are not so apparent, but there is a real community spirit here. It is a quiet area with rolling hills, well maintained roads and trails, and the suburban homes are often surrounded with well-kept gardens and trees.

Sexton Mountain is a great place for people who like to walk

The first thing that strikes me about our neighborhood is how inter-connected it is for walking. It has sidewalks and trails that connect to parks, schools, restaurants, shops, and other destinations. We like our house location because we can easily walk our daughter to her school. We can also walk to a few dining places; Westside Regional Trail has a long corridor that runs north and south from North Beaverton to Tigard with many destinations along the way. Walks are definitely much longer from Sexton Mountain to any shops and restaurants, but, as avid walkers, we like to walk to Murrayhill Marketplace, at Murray Rd. and SW Scholls Ferry Rd.

Sexton Mountain Trail during late summer

Sexton Mountain is a place of trees and nearby parks

Yes, there are streets that are more open and with less trees, but when we choose to get into nature, we have lots of nearby options.

  • Hyland Woods Natural Area has serene woods with 29 acres and just under 2 miles of trails. There’s a lovely hike between Hyland Woods to the top of Sexton Mountain.

  • Lowami Hart Woods is a 28-acre forested and wetland park with a short trail.

  • Sexton Mountain Meadows is very small and open, and it connects to the top of our small mountain with a nice view. From the top on a good day, you can see Mount Hood and the Cascades. Many trails in the neighborhood connect to this park and then, if you want, you can then walk up to Sexton Mountain vista.

Winkelman Park This 24-acre park is best known for the off-leash dog park in the northeast corner.

Sexton Mountain Park

There are many nearby convenient places to shop and dine

At Murrayhill Marketplace, there is a wonderful library and a Walgreens that we use for quick convenience items. We love Café Murray Hill restaurant! It’s more upscale than the traditional strip-mall restaurants at this center, and it has a lovely view of a small man-made lake. We are also excited that a long vacant Ruby Tuesday’s restaurant has now been leased to Murrayhill Taphouse! We’ll definitely be frequenting there.

A bit further south is Progress Ridge Town Square. By far, the most popular restaurant there is La Provence. You will wait in line over an hour to get weekend brunch in non-pandemic – and we still wait during the pandemic. A popular coffee shop at Progress Ridge is AVA Roasteria. I've had many meetings and coffee dates here, even before I lived on this side of town. Ace Hardware is also in this complex. Home Depot is a good 20-minute drive from Sexton Mountain, so Ace Hardware is our convenient spot here for purchases, such as tools and garden supplies. We also like New Season at Progress Ridge where you can buy your bougie food and local craft beer and wine.

Schools have high ratings in Sexton Mountain

I do tell my clients that anything can change over the years with any school, and school boundaries can change too. But the scores for Sexton Mountain elementary schools have remained the highest in Beaverton. Websites to check out our school ratings is and the Oregon Department of Education.

The feeling of Sexton Mountain

How would I describe this area? I would say that it feels very family oriented and active. It’s generally quiet and peaceful. In the open parks, there are soccer and baseball fields with teams playing and families watching. I often see people working in their yards, walking with their dogs, or hanging out with their family.

Sexton Mountain is not a planned neighborhood, but Beaverton has a strong community plan for the building of trails and streets, improving and maintaining the parks and schools, and making it a very livable place to be.

The homes in Sexton Mountain

There is more opportunity for “entry” type of homes, at least when comparing the rising prices across greater Portland! But, some parts have more expensive homes.

A typical home will have 2200 square feet and a 2.5 bath with 3 to 4 bedrooms. There are older homes too. The generations are mixed here, but I’ve seen quite a bit of activity with younger families moving into this area, and families with “empty nests” looking to downsize.

One neighborhood street in Sexton Mountain

Your home plans are important to me

I’m truly interested in knowing about your home aspirations, whether you’re considering moving soon, or years from now. I certainly know Sexton Mountain very well and I can market your home and/or show buyers this neighborhood. I also have lots of realtor experience from Hillsboro to Beaverton and across to the eastside of Portland so I can speak to other neighborhoods as well.

I’m just a phone call, text, or email away. Let's chat!

Contact me at 503-453-6580 or email me your thoughts anytime at

About TD Realty and Tiffanie Danley

Using all my skills developed over 10 successful years in real estate, I make sure my clients get the best outcomes for them. I have sold more than 150 homes and I’m a top performer. Also, I’m very familiar with dozens of neighborhoods across Portland.

But more importantly, my first priority is to my clients: I want to find you your next home that’s very right for you, or I want to sell your current home that gives you the best satisfaction as you move on to your next home. If you have questions about my approach, or if you want me to be a sounding board for your ideas, please let me know.


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