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The Ultimate One-Month Moving Checklist: What to Do and When to Do It

Moving is stressful! The to-do list can seem endless and emotions can run high during a big event like a move. Even though a new home is super exciting, getting to and through moving day can be overwhelming. I've been there and I get it. Deep breaths - you can do this! To help you minimize stress and stay organized, utilize the master to-do list below for the final month before your move.

Week One

• If renting, submit written 30-day notice to the landlord. • Decide if you will hire movers or pack and move your own belongings. Schedule movers or book a Uhaul. Do this well in advance, especially if you're moving at the end of a month or over a weekend (these are the busiest times for movers). • Purge belongings! Tackle one area at a time so you don't get overwhelmed. Never move more stuff than is necessary - use this move as a chance to discard unused items. If you donate, be sure to keep your donation receipts for tax write-off purposes. • Decide what furniture will work in your new home; for everything else, list on Craigslist, offer to friends, or donate to Habitat for Humanity or Salvation Army. • Line up boxes and packing materials. You can buy new boxes at Home Depot or Lowe's, or search on the Craigslist free section, Facebook Marketplace, or Nextdoor for used boxes.

Week Two

• Start packing. Begin with non-essentials (holiday decorations, out-of-season clothes, rarely-used kitchen equipment) and work up to day-to-day necessities as you get closer to moving day. Label all boxes as you pack - either with what is inside, or with what room they should go into in the new home, or both. Find a system you like and stick with it - this makes unpacking so much easier in the new home! • Start taking down art and photos from the wall and patch holes with a dab of spackle. • Look through your freezer and pantry - start using up food items so you will have less to move. • Notify your financial institutions, credit card providers, employers, and insurance companies of your upcoming change of address. • Go to USPS to officially change your address and to choose a date to begin forwarding your mail.

• Update your driver's license with your new address. • Send a mass email to your contacts with your new mailing address and the effective date.

Week Three

• Cancel or forward utilities: gas, water, electricity, garbage, cable/internet, phone and cell phone. Remember to collect any refunds for prorated services or deposits. • Cancel or transfer your subscriptions: newspapers, magazines or Netflix. • If you have plants to move, stop watering them now so they're not heavy and dripping on moving day. • Pack, pack, pack!

Week Four

• Pack an "essentials" box with everything you'll need for the first night in your new home: sheets so you can make the bed, a few plates, cups and silverware, basic toiletries for a shower, and your phone charger. Most importantly (for those of us who depend on it), coffee and your coffee maker!

• If you have pets or children, arrange for them to be taken care of on moving day. This will keep them safe, shield them from stress, and allow you to focus on the task at hand. • Hire professional cleaners or schedule a block of time to thoroughly clean both the empty home and your new home.

Moving is tough, but it helps immensely to have a plan so it's not so overwhelming. I hope this checklist has been useful as you plan your move.

Always remember, I am here for you! If you have questions or need help with anything, I am just a phone call, text, or email away. Let's chat!

- Tiffanie ❤❤❤

Tiffanie Danley | Licensed Realtor in Oregon



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