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10 Tips to Prepare Your Home for Thunderstorms ⛈️

Thunderstorms are rare in Portland and it's important to remember they are dangerous, but they’re especially dangerous for the unprepared. People can get hurt when unprepared! You may be sheltering from the storm for a few hours if the storm is severe enough. Thunderstorms also dramatically increase your risk of electrocution. Keep your family safe with some planning and preparation.

Here are some tips to prepare your Home for Thunderstorms.

-Relocate your valuables - Move treasures away from windows and doors, and take them upstairs, if possible.

-Inspect your roof - Whether you have metal, single-ply, or shingles,

make sure that your roof is properly installed and in good condition.

-Prepare your windows - Install storm windows. If that’s not possible, set up interior sheet plastic window insulation kits.

-Learn to turn off the water - Locate the shut-off valve on your water main and keep a water meter key nearby.

-Master your electrical supply - Find your circuit breaker panel and learn how to shut off the electricity.

-Protect outdoor electrical outlets - Use foam sealant to safeguard outdoor outlets and switches.

-Keep a fire extinguisher handy - Store your fire extinguisher in an easy to reach spot. Check the pressure gauge frequently to make sure it’s still in working condition.

-Clean your rain gutters - Clear your rain gutters, drains, and downspouts to allow water to flow away from the house quickly.

-Move outdoor accessories inside - Store outside equipment, furniture, and large yard ornaments. If you don’t have the space, secure them using bungee cords, cables, or spiral landscape anchors.

-Trim your trees - Trim weak branches that could damage your home during a storm. Transplant trees that are too close to your house, if possible.

Need a vendor recommendation to help you storm proof your home? Feel free to reach out, I have a list of vetted and approved vendors ready to help protect your investment.


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